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MONEYmakerZ - text


Well the repo man has got a greedy hand
He wants to take your shit no help from Uncle Sam
So you're slumped on your sofa bed wishing
You were multiplying stead of doing long division
Bank accounts, small amounts you don't ball but checks they bounce
Mickey D's driving through get small fries if I were you
And it's just not fair, sporting some discount underwear
Pair of Costco jeans, say bye bye to your good life dreams
Every other sucker's laid off because of motherfucker Bernie Madoff
Buy and sell, might as well
Economists don't know shit far as I can tell

Where my moneymakers at?
Laying low cause they got jack
Goldman Sachs and AIG get bailed how free how lame is that?
Where's my money?
Where's my money?
Stimulus checks not enough
They get the bucks and we get fucked
If I could turn back time, hit the dial 1929
They say history repeats
But the ghosts of the past must be like sheesh
How foolish can you get?
Deregulating markets, giving bonuses ignoring all effects
Take that hedge fund and shove it up your ass
CEOs better run real fast
Cause now their money's half of half as big, do that math
It's a numbers crunch, no take out better pack your lunch
Homes foreclosed, 6 months mortgage what you owe
I'm angry, pinching pennies
Every meal eat good and plentys
Employed I'm only semi, benjamins I don't have any
So if you're happy with these current events
Just take a look at all our money that the government spends

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