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MiniVANS (feat. Eligh) - text


Had a minivan way way back in the day and my family we did ride
Chrysler town and country blue paint job with a wood panel on the side
The year was '95 and we felt so live got a car with tremendous swag
Vehicle packed to the lid with three cool kids rolling down Wilmette ave.
Dashboard with a digital display, three zero point five mph
Took me to school, got me to practice
Far back seat, treat it like my mattress
Taking mad naps I was all stretched out
Jordans in the air you know what I'm about
Fight to the death for a captain's seat
Steal my spot get your ass all beat
Gary, Hammond, Indiana, bust on another road trip
Spotting license plates from faraway states with my bro and my little sis
I see Hawaii, how'd they get over here?
Singing 99 bottles of beer, so obnoxious
Reading Bearenstein Bears till I got too nauseous

Got a minivan and I'm looking fly
Hottest girl in the fifth grade you know why

Text přidala Eva01

Video přidala Eva01

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