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Crack a VANILLA COKE - text


Well it's 10 pm I'm feeling listless, no it ain't no joke
Sitting right on top my wish list, a vanilla coke
So I walk out my door, head to George's liquor store
Where they always got what I'm looking for
A 20 oz coke with some sweetness on the side
It's like my life support had a little fix but I need some more
You can buy happiness I am sure and it costs 1.85

Pay the man behind the counter, tell him mister thanks
Without your establishment I'd have no coke to drink
Stride along the sidewalk, got no time to talk for real
Pass a crack head and I'm thinking man I know how you feel
Cloudy skies they all just clear up
Got my high fructose corn syrup
Life doesn't get better than this
Forget a man all I need is that very first sip

Pour it in my red American Idol cup

Text přidala Eva01

Video přidala Eva01

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