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Another Round - text


It’s easier with cloudy eyes, on foggy nights
With the lights turned down
When everything that’s wrong is right, simplified
It all makes sense somehow
Had the opportunity but usually
I’d rather just fuck off
Got smashed, yeah drinks were free
Fell asleep in a gutter
I-I-I-I said some things that I shouldn’t
I did some things I normally wouldn’t
I let the bad overcome the good and
In my mind I understood that it was time
To face the fate been haunting me for 23 years of my life
They say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, believe that that applies to me
Fuck didn’t mean to drink all that, I wanna go home
He’ll never call back, feel it in my bones
Left my heart inside a New York City cab
Stumbled on the walk back, numbers well I lost track
Feel like I’m caught in a world of blank commotion
Spent most of my life running but I found it’s better floating
Vacant, making statements I can’t stand behind
Faded maybe half the time, my body way too fucking much I ask of mine
Past the line, past the limit too, life is just what circumstance has given you
Please excuse me if I’m hazy on the details
But I’ve been busy running this shit off of the rails
And I can tell that I disappoint my friends
See I used to feel appalled but now it really all depends
Screaming hell yeah fucking right
Another day gone, another vice
Another late call, another cry
We’ll talk it out like another time
Observe these people I consider to be glamorous
But closer looks at mannerisms reveal they’re hammering
A shot, a drink, a pill, a gram, a spliff, a line, a joint
Might have made it out alive but you really missed the point
And the point was that you missed it all
Had a shit ton of potential but you pissed it all
Living life like you got some kind of crystal ball
System all confused, baby I sure could use another round
It all keeps spinning around

Text přidala Katygrassi16

Video přidala Katygrassi16

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