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Yeah, lawd, knowledge
Eh, lawd

Emphasize with the rhymes I
Wanna take it back to a better time
In the middle of an identity crisis
I gotta find a way as I prepare for the journey
But I been stressing, see I got a lot of worries
I need to perfect what I do
I'm obsessing over everything, I swear that that's the truth
There's no comparison to me, apparently I am the coldest
Focused and devoted
I defy a preconceived notion
I'm just waiting for someone to notice
We are working from the bottom, they don´t give no recognition to people such as ourselves
Can't nobody tell me nothing different
I give a hundred percent as I take advantage of it
I give in to venomous rhythm
Arithmetic with the pencil
I'm quick as shit, where's the witness?
Now listen, I leave 'em all aboard
I'm more than gone, I'm mortified
So call the mortuary
I'm borderline dependent on the feelings necessary
This a brand new state of mind, I couldn't find it for a minute
Embody for my emotions until they can not exist
Now I'm convinced I been evicted by vindicating my conscious
I'm a complicated specimen, that explains why I'm unique
I'm too deep inside of the beat, it silently weeps
Tryna take you on another ride
Change the energy to make sure they can really feel the vibe
Switch the melody, I'm tryna bring this bitch up back alive
I tell the truth, I swear to God a nigga never had to lie
I rectify the right or wrong
Now ride along so you can understand
I'm functioning by forging a formative form, my peace of mind
I'm in a mode that's purely aggressive [?]
Grasping the theories, I leave the sea as a legend
Boy, they never learn their lesson
Don't take it for face value
Ain't no praise for the vague, I put attention on the pain
It's plain and simple if you ask me
Lawd, eh
Getting straight to the point, I got some doubt
Look, I'm not that optimistic
The position of a pessimist
I'm pressed to make it happen
We need this shit more than ever
Now it's my responsibility to step it up a level
Never fall through these endeavors, I'm just dealing with the setbacks
Intact with this side
I said that we never would change it
I wouldn't ever conceive it
I said that we never retrieved it
Everything that we leaving
That's something you better believe in

I need some time man, lately I been out it
I need some time man, lately I been out it
Lawd, lately I been out it
Knowledge, nigga

Need some time man, lately I been out it
Need some time man, lately I been out it
Need some time man, lately I been out it
Need some time man, lately I been out it

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