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Eh, yeah yeah.Lawd.Aha.Eh
Ah, ah
K-Def good look on the beat I appreciate it
I'm feeling great about myself
And don't the sky look blue?
And don't the grass seem greener than it normally do?
I got nothing but love for you baby
I got nothing but love for you honey

Look at my difficult flow
They picking a road
The way that I give and I go
A literal Tyrant
That’s taking the time to explain
The way that I studied the game
Perfecting the craft
Presenting you more
I make it a point to define that I'm finding
That people in love with the fake
I said that I’m moving at sickening pace
The picture I paint
Is filled with the feeling and sentiment
Sending you positive affirmations
Giving you lyrical affidavits
Niggas are making exaggerations
Never created Facadé
I pray to the gods
Thank you for giving me life
A talented flow I’m invested
And I understand I have to stay focused
I know what I know it's the
The notion I'm making you sick and
I’m quicker to get with a flick of a wrist
When I pick up a pen
The prophecies spilling
I gotta get better
To sharpen my skills
It is a hunger that's fit for the harder
I’m peeling, not peeling the cap
I’m taking the back
And I'm feeling very apart
The people not really accepting these thoughts
I got no records not giving the truth
The fact of the matter is I am aloof
But what can I do?
Continue to work at a rate
That nobody has actually seen
So I’m never leaving the house
Except when I gotta record
The minimal force
That most of these niggas have shown
They plagiarizing like attack of the clones
The reason I’m going as hard as I do
I’m fluent in different ethics
But work is the one that is truly effective
Investing my time, investing my mind
I feel like it’s worth it
I favor my isolation
Saving a place with nobody's opinion
I pray and I hope that it works
My spirit it hurts
My soul has been going berserk
I cannot take all the ignorance
Stripping the youth of their innocence
Witnessing children we see as the future
They throwing their lives away
The party and bullshit
Bipartisan pull pit
You’re one of the cool kids
But acting a fool yeah? Ha
Look inside yourself
Or search your soul
To find a purpose


Now can I can kick it?
Nigga yes you can!
But can I kick it?
Nigga yes you can!
I float away inside my mind
I’m feeling high
I float away inside my mind
I’m feeling fine

Now can I can kick it?
Nigga yes you can!
But can I kick it?
Nigga yes you can!
I float away inside my mind
I’m feeling high
I float away, I float away
I float away, I float away


Taking it back to a time
Oh when integrity was a priority
Purposely putting your life on the line
Without caging your lyrics
You working with pinnacles
Everything you would say on a record
Was actual fact
You made a relatable track
But that will not get you paid
They don’t want your pain
They want you to be like the rest of these lames
They learn how to conform
And I’m feeling torn
I know i can switch it
And give you the negative
Dumbing it down and
Remake it repetitive
The lesson I learned
Is stay to yourself
Believing in rhetoric
That never helped
Just do what you love
And try to focus on your passion
Thinking of your life and
The things that you want to accomplish
Sacrificing is a steady and constant
I know it’s hard when
You’re lacking your confidence
Constantly haunted by all the
Mistakes that you made in your past
You gotta progress and let go of stress
Finding the beauty in difficult times
Relieving the pressure you work on your mind
Reliving the moments that
Made you the person you are
I swear that will get you far
But never depend on the
People you feel like you need
Don’t ever think you need a friend
I used to think I was strange
Or maybe insane
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
Keep it a 100
I give you the gospel
And you coulda seen that
My shit was the truth



K-Def I appreciate the beat

God bless!

Faiz is on the boards too

“I like your style!
Come on, Let’s how good you really are!”

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