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La La La - text


Yeah. Uh-huh. Lawd. Yeah
(And uh-huh and uh-huh) x5
Lawd. Yeah. Aight

This is a tangible product I pray that you could feel
My pain's become the centerpiece; The part that makes it real
I reminisce what I repress whenever writing records, I'm feeling depressed when I play it back and then I assess it
I been obssessin over all the causes of my stress and lord forgive me for my sins I swear I never learn my lesson
Confessin I'm losin faith and I say yo name in my rhymes but I'm really just savin face I feel I'm fallin from yo grace
What is my place in this world? I know I'm worthless
The pain that I present to these people; Do I deserve it?
Deserted from destitution
I'm far from mentally stable
They threw me inside of an institution to find the resolution
But I was lost in the cause if you want a couple illusions
Never definin the music
Find it amusin
What do I see as my muse? The beat that I got to abuse
You better believe that I'm telling the truth
They wanted the real, so that's what I give and now they in love with the lyrics I spit, shit


I'm hopin for an intervention, lord, make it divine
I need a sign
Lemme know if I'm wasting my time
If people follow me I pray I never lead them blind
I had the right intentions when I attempted to free they minds and sooth they soul
I'm giving them something that you could relate to
But I woulda never degrade you
Givin you everything that I have; My heart and my soul; My pain and my love
I guess that was all the above
But who do I trust? And when can I turn? And when does it end? I'm really concerned, Lawd
Will I survive? Is the question I'm always askin I know you blessed me wit talent then cursed me with insecurities currently writing this in a corner while contemplatin: Do I even wanna live? On the daily, I been debatin
I had a dream as a child for a while but it was evasive within a moment it faded I felt I fell on my face and I really wanna be happy, estatic, even elated but I'm just stayin sedated terrified I'll never make it, Lawd

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Abstract Art


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