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Doomsday Machine - text


In a world fraught with uncertainty
In a time of cold war we cannot be free
Without measures we just have to take
We can't rest when our world is at stake

Escalation in forty-four steps
Just in case they attempt to launch the first assault
We shall counter with all of our might
Must not let down our people

All deterrence cannot save us
When this thing gets out of hand
Our way of life is threatened - show no fear

Trust in me, doomsday's coming - not for us!

Must not step back from steps we must take
Don't know how they will act, better be prepared
Feeling safe with this doomsday machine
A device that the world's never seen

Thermonuclear war impending,
Common weapons out of date
Megadeaths we will be counting - choose your side

Trust in me, doomsday's coming - not for us!

There's decisions that can change the world
In one way or the other, always be aware
That the free world's relying on us
We have seen what appeasement can be

Spinning faster
Looking over the edge, one more step would be
A disaster for all of mankind
Opening doors we don't know what's behind

Still we hope it won't be needed,
Striving for a peaceful way
But give up our achievements - there's no way

Trust in me, doomsday's coming - not for us!

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