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Daughters Holding Flowers - text

There's an old man swinging on a back nine
Playing away, the time he doesn't have
There's a young girl always been a good girl
Praying to God, 'cus she did something bad
And it burns her up inside, just to know that she's alive
While the old man takes his hand
to his heart
and he dies

All your daughters holding flowers
Singing sweetly by and by
Is all that singing really for you
Or just another waste of time

There's a couple that says that they're in love
But they don't know, the meaning of the word
There's a war that needs to be to be fought
But necessities, become so blurred
When love's a war itself, it's safe to die for some one else
While the lover that is left, she hangs her head
And cries, she crieeees

Father, father won't you listen
As we sing another song
We'll sing it better than the angels
While our brothers sing it wrong

'Cus love is just a wasteland, and life is just word
If there's nothing left to live for, and be on this Earth and
Death is just a pain and, leads us all home and
Fighting is the difference, between lonely and alone

Father, father won't you listen
As we sing another tune
Were all singing it together now
But we're not singing it to you

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