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Clouds above the cemetery,
Can't even tell the time of day,
They give nothing away,
Reading names of people past,
They're so very close and
Far away,
But who am I to say?

Trees obscure the borderlines,
There's big weeping willows,
All around,
Their branches weight them down.

Remember when we,
Came unglued
To float by the window?
The neighbors must have had a laugh
We love to put on a show.
For people who would try to deny
We'll show 'em the pictures.
The only thing that bothers me now
Is why remember it here?

Is it true,
As I walk along the beach
Beside you,
That nothing in the world can
Find you?
Here's to you!
Let the growing of the trees
Remind you,
That everything is now behind you.

Ear against a mausoleum,
Eyes on a broken wristwatch hand
My feet still caked with sand.

Remembering when we
Came unglued
I feel like my heart is beating fast
I can't seem to relax

And people never used to smile
When posing for portraits
It must have been a different time.
No phony, elastic grin.
I feel like that's the real me.
Straight face and a blank stare.
Looking like I never win,
But I feel fine.

Twice in my life I've been sure that
A wall was the edge of the world

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