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Made In A Day - text


The day it was explained to me
I understood it finally
I got the letter in the mail
I saw the stamp, I knew I'd failed
In a way it was better than today, it was a special day
It was the last time that I smiled
In a day, we were made in a day
I used to think this world was for me to save
Then I grew and I grew and everything I knew was a simple thing
It was the same old silly game
I thought it was the lemonade but nothing really came to my aid
Nothing really came
It's all a silly game
Oh you silly world
Are you famous to the stars?
Born a little girl
You woke up as a single mother
Just a name, everybody has a name
It's a useful thing but to me they're the same
All alone and I'm waiting at the phone
As the seconds pass I grow heavy like a stone
I wish it was the time of year
But everything was crystal clear
Everything was clear
Nothing more to fear
Oh you silly world
Are you famous to the stars?
Born a little girl
I remembered everything you said
You woke up on the other side of the bed
Oh you world
Sleep all you can
You'll wake up as a single mother

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