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Rasta Should Be Deeper - text

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Deeper, Rasta should be deeper
You must care about the people
Deeper, Rasta should be deeper
I'm my brothers keeper
Deeper, Rasta should be deeper
Got to wear Khaki and turban everyday
It's more than the turban, more than the robe and more then the natty hair
It's much, much more than to say Selassie Marcus I
Me no do this fi image, me no mimic me na do this fi fame
Go and tell them Kelly him na do this material game
Never call them self Rasta they should be ashamed
Call king Selassie name in vain tell them it's no game
Dem a wolf, dem a wolf so mi si dem spiraling down
Kelly a rock of Gibraltar standing firm on solid ground
Ever so humble mi na groumble mi so satisfied
With the little gift that Jah-Jah give to I&I
Heights, green and gold Jah in control
Promised land is there for I, beauty behold
So Rasta dont you differ, stand firm and don’t you quiver
King Sellasie I almighty will deliver
Touch not along the night and dont you defy
And your work must be pure in Jah-Jahs eyes
You see di elders dem said it must be turning im dem grave
Just to see how dem a younger Ras behave
Jah will shout til dem deaf who do most is left
Remember I said the road to zion is one way
Some live in a glass house and still throwing stones
All dem boys and liars Rasta broke it down
As long as the king sit upon the throne Rastaman is never on his own

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