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Waves of our finest soldiers, their bayonets are raised
Crawling through the bloodstained furrows, inhuman death maze
Into a maelstrom of fire leading to a near-certain death
Endure a prolonged bombardment, the casualties immense
Glory! Quick and painless...
Over the top.. Trench Tactics
Down in the trench, I lay there shaking
Wounded, psychologically breaking
Well aware, my next breath could be my last
I ponder all the deeds from my past
Needless slaughter in appalling conditions
Worn down by a battle of attrition
Stinking corpses embrace my body
My resting Place has been prearranged for me
Deep in the ditch, my body aching
Left for dead, my life forsaken
Realize that I never had a chance
I hope and pray my platoon can advance
Distant screams from fallen soldiers
Gunned down, but the lines are bolstered
One more corpse among the casualties
My resting place has been prearranged for me
Glory! Quick and painless...
Over the top.. Trench Tactics

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