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I Cast the First Stone - text

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I try to hold on, despair runs amok
I believe its time for a change
Need to break the chains of the wage slaves
Soon we must take charge
And still the labor force will toil
Big shots profit from their turmoil
No one thinks it’s strange?
Need to rearrange
Perverse to the core
Ignorance is bliss, facing the abyss
In the end we're all food for worms
Sucking like a leech, product of deceit
Bitter fruit to swallow
Portrayed as if they were so royal
Values and morals have now spoiled
A world full of flaws and dogmatic laws
We follow no more
You sit on high
Look down on me
Feel in control
Cast the first stone
You can’t judge me
My wrath be known
You're overthrown
I cast the first stone
You wont find me
Bowed down to you
Will not extol
Cast the first stone
Thou art no god
Just one more clone
You're overthrown
I cast the first stone

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