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I live, I learn
Sometimes lessons aren't so fun
I win, I lose
Sometimes I try to miss the mark

I may not know it all
But the one thing that I found
Is that Your love will be around

And I hear You
And I feel You
Don't always have to see You
Cause You've promised me
You'll never let me down
And I need You
And I want You
I love the way You want me to
And Your love it seems to
Lift me off the ground

I don't know how
But I don't have to explain
I trust Your love
I guess that's why they call it faith

Just when I need You most
Or when I'm at the end of hope
Or at the end of my rope


So even when I don't recognize that You're right beside me
You're with me I know
I'm living and I'm learning and the lessons aren't so bad
When You keep me, oh no
I'll take the way of with the losing cause I know You love me
You hold me always
And You will never let me go

You hold me always

I live, I learn

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