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You're my beautiful reality
And everything about You speaks to me
You're a fragrance in my mind
Caught up in my thoughts time after time
You say, come closer, look at the possibility
When I get closer You pull me in like gravity
Everybody looking for the way to everlasting love
Hoping to find a little peace of mind from anyone
But when they see what You mean to me, then they will know
The perfect love You've given
(Lord) You're wondeful, You're wonderful (yeah, yeah)
My thoughts inside and feelings, too
Will struggle 'til my heart and mind are one with You, yeah
The answer is so plain to see
And now I know the way this love is suppose to be, yeah
As I get closer a light is shining down on me
When I get closer, can this be my destiny?
I'll never have the words enough to tell You how I feel
Like when You kept my world from falling down
If there's any good in me, it must be plain to see
'Cause it's Your fingerprints inside the very heart in me
You are patient, You are kind
You are not easily angered
You keep no record of wrongs
You always protect and always trust
You never fail (Everybody's looking for that everlasting love)

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