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The Meaning Of Life - text

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I tried to find the meaning of life
Somebody told me I was looking for You
And now I know whatever I find
There is nobody who can do what You do
In so many ways
In so many days
When I was looking for the way to Your heart
But I wouldn't see
The way I could be
Somebody loving You for who You are, oh yeah
So why does the rain fall down
Who causes the sun to rise each morning
Why did it take so long
To give You my heart
When You gave me the meaning of life
And deep inside with all that I have
I'm gonna love you more than ever before
I didn't know the life that I had
Would only show you how I needed you more
You understand me
You know that I need You
Your love I'm feeling inside
And I won't deny the feeling when I
Begin to understand the way you feel
For me

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