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And I can wait every moment
that it takes
Maybe tomorrow, maybe forever
And i belive that every single
part of me
Is burning to haveyou not more
could I wánt you
Let me it until my hunger dies
Don´t you know you can´t
deny what is rigth

AAnything love can bring
Anything love gives in
Is here because it found
you in my heart
Anything love can know
Anything love can show
Is here awake just waiting
by your side

And satisfy all your deepest fantasies
So slow and so tender you´ll
always remember
And I teach you everything you
need to learn
Love is no secret if you take it and keep it
Let me in until Itouch your mind
it will only take some time for
you to find

Chorus ...

Anything that you desire I will do
Anything your heart could need
i know every inch of yourself is just
begging you to start, start

Chorus ...

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