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Out of place
Got the bends
Lost my head

Lost the feeling in my hands
Lost the words
Losing friends
Is there penance in the end
Does it hurt
Does it end
It's a scene I'm sure somewhere
After this
It begins
It begins all over again
I've got a hard line leading
to the hall of loaded guns
I feel my heartbeat deepen
as the crowd starts speaking in tongues
Not a second wasted
on the guilty or the young
My body's shaking as my mind is overrun
Out of place
Out of hand
Lost my head
Lost the reasons and the demand
Lost the words
And the plan
No redemption in the end
Sense of self
Simple man
It was a problem before I began
What's the cost
As the truth unfolds
It begins all over again
My defense
I'm alive
I'm in love
With the horizon in your eyes
And the days
That we spent with the ones
that twist and circumvent
And pretend
it's the end
And the lights that frame me again
Let it hurt
Let's begin
Let's begin all over again

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