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This Bitch By My Side - text


I got a main bitch, I got a new hoe
Love my AK and I bought a 44
She so seductive when she takes them clothes off
Nigga get wrong then that bitch is going off
It's her birthday so I bought that bitch a bean
She my inspiration so I let her sing
Had a let her go 'cause she wasn't working right
Had to pull my side bitch 'cause she was working right
Why you mad at me she the one taking yo life
Taking your money, taking your jewelry
But these niggas on ice
She fine she mine
Ask what size she wear, she'll tell u 9

[Hook: x2]
This bitch on my side all she like to do is licks
This bitch on my side she a take a nigga bricks
This bitch on my side, on my side err night
Anybody get wrong she gon get they ass right

If I pull up on my hip you know I'm bout to squeeze
If you see me with my girl then you know you'd better leave
Just bout the extender you can't find a better weave
Better watch what you say 'cause the drama you don't need
Dress her ass up and now watch make that ass clap [clap 8x]
All the rapping that you're doing that shit over bro
Is a rap rap rap rap rap
I got goons I don't call em if I got a problem
My old lady solve em spot a hater then off em
Take your money like offer all this money I'm profit
See a snitch then off em put that nigga in a coffin

[Hook x2]

Text přidal Moonblade

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