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[Juicy J talking]
Yes sir once again it's on Juicy J featuring Project Pat
Chronicles of the Juice man, North North part 2
Raise ya thunbs up my nigg, it's on fool

[Chorus: Project Pat]
North, raise ya thumbs up nigga [x4]

[Juicy J]
North north in this thing and you know we runnin things
Everybody raise ya thumb, everybody show your gang
March in a cirle man, muscle up until you strain
Project Pat and Juicy J, the niggaz with them gold fangs
Yes we keep the lighted dope, and we house the freakest hoes
Then we ride to evergreen, on the block is where we post
Policeman can't stop us, I think they oughta to stop it
I'm talkin in that ghetto english, sayin fuck the mobsters
Gangsta niggas walk up in the club, high as hell because we full of drugs.
What gang you claim/ the way they were them hats
Don't get to close be careful we be strapped
We put it on the map, we keep our gezees flapped
And if you see me in the hood you better give me dap.
I'm known as a veteran, my picture should be stacked
From smokin sin to Hollywood they wild over there

[Chorus: Project Pat]
North, raise ya thumbs up nigga. [x4]

[Project Pat]
If ya ain't from my hood you can get the hell from round here
Cause we gon smoke hydro and we gon drink beer
It ain't no mu'hfuckin secret case we some thugs
It ain't hard, you can peep it we sellin drugs
So don't you cowards step wrong spit the west song
These automatics have ya ass singin a different song
A mega blast from these rocks, got the track jumpin'
A North Memphis nigga sell dope I'll tell you somethin'
Ya car bumpin ridin clean and you see me bold
And now you wonderin why we kickin in your back door
This ain't no suburb my nigg this the ghetto, and you gon come through
Flosin like a pretty hoe
A no no for you off, turn her on niggaz
Show some love or you will meet them chrome triggers
We smokin bud, sippin syzerp, and poppin pills you need some work
Come on through we got the best deals

[Chorus: Project Pat]
North, raise ya thumbs up nigga [x4]

[Juicy J]
I done lived in the North round the way
I done planted playa seed in the mutherfuckin bay
Hypnotize is the label that you don't wnt to hate
I done een niggaz make, I done seen niggas spray
Brothas on the same block till his hair turn gray still all about a hustle
Punchin clock no way. The police hit the block, swallow rocks throw the hate
Still on the same block the next fuckin day
Project Pat was up

[Project Pat]
Jimmy jimmy cocoa puff you know how we roll
Niggas is gon get shot up trippn with this north
Ridin up? dog pullin up them logs
Squeeze on this trigger, empty clips then reload
If you got beef, my nigga you better bring it
The hood buck as hell, the police couldn't tame it
Inhalin palm trees something you can hang with
Hydro with red hair something I can slang trick

[Chorus: repeat to fade]

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