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I'll tell you what makes me so
You don't want to know about the way I feel
When you stop and find out that this trip's for real
Try to consider the time that I'm avoiding
It's something evil
Still you look inside
I used to think that I could live like this forever
Tell me why I had to be so blind
Do I really need pain for me to go on
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These kinds of things I try to simplify
They're hiding in the motives
Between the lines
Would you know if I told you how
The words of hate are spoke too loud
I can remember it well
I used to know you
With every hit I used to hope to die
And all the things I used wish upon in hatred
Come down like rain onto this heart of mine
To take that child
So many problems to create
That hateful promise that's so hard to break
Try to consider the time
When I was younger
These things exist in what I am
And now I know that I don't ever mean to hurt you
These things were taught
By a guy named Dad.

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