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Tearing Down the World - text


In everything she sees
Hardened reality
Crashed right into the world
The world's most hateful girl
She stood alone in fact
Kicked in the face of that
That thing supposedly
Named her adversity
And as I watched her mount her rage
I envied every stage of what was yet to come
We peeled down the street
Direct connection speaks
She smiled and punched it right
They picked their final fight
The way she held that tool
Rewrote the golden rule
Do under every plea
With rapid fire speed'
She told me how she used to hide
One day that use just died
So did the use of everyone
A super heroin at least
Unconscious and unleashed
Tearing down the world for fun
She drew a gentile hand
And asked me why I hid
She gave me something
That the world never did
Contained in a one way ticket
To a place in hell
My conscience got there first as well

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