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Parliament of Whores - text


Don't you even fuckin' try
Bring your swollen head down
Do a great job covering up
I'm not the one you're gonna clown
You say you hate the mainstream
But when it welcomes you
You stop what
You've been preaching
To change your tune
Could it be the bus
Or could it be the ticket price
Your just another major
You guess it's not so bad
The public eye
Waiting for it all to go underground
Spend all the cash when no one's around
Do as I say not as I do
Dare you complain because
I haven't paid you
You said you wish they'd go away
You became that thing that you hate
No more than a guest V.J.
And you bullshit labels
Say you're doing it for the kids
They believe every word
That you say
Too bad you don't live that way
Now P.C.
I hear what you say
There are so many things we would like to
So don't point your banner at me
You're no better than a nazi or jock
So don't cry because it sucks
To be in a band
No money for things at your command
Because if you want life
To be cozy and nice
Get ready to sponsor
The merchandise

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