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[Hook: Juelz Santana]
She awesome, she awesome
My bitch is so awesome
I been with all them
She better than all them

[Verse 1:]
She look like the kind of girl that I would like to sponsor
Butt like a truck I think I'm gonna call her Tonka
Titties so pretty like she drew with a marker
If I could use two words to describe her she awesome
She awesome, I think I'm gonna ti, ti, tip her body booming like a system
I'm the radio killa, killa
Plus she hold it down for her nigga
So she deserves everything I give her
Yeah I keep her fresh
Yeah I pay her rent
No I don't trip, nigga I invest

[Hook x2]

Them other bitches don't know what to call them
But I know what to call you
You awesome, you awesome

[Verse 2:]
She outta mind, she outta sight
Fuck a fire cracker, my bitch is dynamite
Thought I was superman, she got that kryptonite
And we so connected, satellite
These other bitches bugging
They just parasites
And they don't have a life
They wish the had your life
I'm never hungry cause you satisfy my appetite
That ass is apple right so don't mind if I have a bite
Look at you, you so fucking beautiful
Standing there with nothing on
I know what to do with you
Look like a bag of mula got me thinking bout the jeweler
Not a ring, but a watch, matching rollies how I do ya
YSL, Chanel, Celine Mcqueen, that's a must
None of that canal street stuff
Got a smile like colgate
Smart with a dope shape
Both rocking red bottoms looking like soul mates



[Verse 3: Wale]
Pull up in that all what?
What is that tour bus?
What is that Giovanchi?
Got these bitches star struck
Now they speaking on us
On me, on thee
Fact that I got women by the armies and arm length
Salutening, misogynistic sue me
And that convo got yo inspired mascato make her woozy
And I gotta tell ya truly not your booty it's your beauty
North as that plantic yes I'm gonna get you two seats truely out
And that's a compliment baby love
I'm just relaying all the feelings I don't say is much
And really who gonna say it's love
And really gonna say it ain't,
But until that bouquet go up
I tell you this errday

[Hook x2]


Text přidal Moonblade

God Will'n

Juelz Santana texty

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