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The Last Emperor - text


On an auburn hillside, backlit by the dusk
Three priests now stand before a horde of somber men
Surrounded by the relics of saints now long dead Intimidated by the aura, they obey

Blessed are you, you who go to war
Blessed are you, you who fight for God
The winds are howling, crying out for change
The southern winds are baying, crying out for blood

Here I find myself, a sinner with luck
Never have I had to pay for my sins
Weary and weak, yearning for absolution

Burn! Feeling the blood course through my veins in a brief moment of respite
Now there’s a chance to redeem myself and bring some honor back to my name

Kill all who attack the flock
Maim all who occupy our lands
Burn those who stand in our way
Praise all who die for the faith

Settle the debt and clear out the past, that I might make it right with God God surely wills it
He wills us to free every lamb that’s under the yoke

Rise, Knights of Bouillon! Rise to the task!
Stand up and fight for those who’ve been faithful and true — an unyielding frame
This is truly the ideal resolve

There, Jerusalem, a city of light!
This is the place where I shall find absolution, mercy divine!
This is the place where I shall die

Hold back all your tears, steel all your hearts
Wave after wave we shall deny
Never again we’ll abdicate another yard of Christian soil

Kill! All who hold attack the flock
Maim! All who devastate our lands
Burn! Those who stand in our way Praise! All who die for the cross

Text přidal IlMagnifico

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