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Raining Gold - text


The air is thick with moisture on these greener pastures
We’ve marched for weeks and now our food’s almost depleted
Raining, cleansing waters fall on me

Hail! Hail our pageantry, welcome us as friends
Please support the march by feeding our men
Bring your Baron here to stand before the Count
Let the people gather all around

He told the Priest where all the Jews did live and frequent
And then we sought them out to take from them our payment
Raining, screaming, gnashing jaws of anguish

Screaming children weep, sitting in the mud
Watch their parents mocked and beaten Help!
Crying out for help, yet I still partake
Ignoring the pleas from the ancient pariah

Raining gold on muddy cobblestone Raining gold
I feel ashamed - this ransom burns

Raining gold coins, trying to buy themselves some time

Girls on the second floor throwing down their gold
Trying to distract our comrades
Priest of the Hermit’s men now is telling them
That they may as well convert or die

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