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Nothing But Blood - text


Morning dew and beams of the sunrise
This is life! I’m one with the landscape
We’re on the hunt, just like our ancestors
Seal the bond between man and beast alike
Such silence, the moment is shattered by a helpless scream

Nothing but blood
United through the ties of common faunal bloodlines
Nothing but blood
A line of heritage woven through the fabric of life

Out of breath, and now paralyzed by the stunning sight of a brown bear so fearsome
Its cornered prey -- a scavenging pilgrim
Pounding heart, adrenaline starts to course

Your moment, your window of opportunity to shine

Nothing but blood
I step between the two and stare the creature down
Nothing but blood
My blade is shimmering as the bear begins to charge

Flowing, the wounds of myself and the bear flow
You can’t tell whose blood belongs to who

The soil is steaming
It’s drinking deep the blood
A heaving, a straining
The wall of bones and fur falls down

Nothing but blood
My sword becomes a cane as I survey the carnage
Nothing but blood
The pilgrim has his life, but have I still the strength to lead?

Antioch -- I’m grievously wounded
“Rest, lord! Your men will wait for you to recover”

Text přidal IlMagnifico

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