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Between rage and sorrow
We sense approaching death
The drugs put him to sleep
He's conscious less and less
. He will come back to us, god will not abandon
. I gave him life and I won't see my pride and joy slip away
I know that I hide alone, but I will never leave you
I wouldn't have you take this path of what I'll soon become
Sitting in corners alone
. Please come back to me
. Trust in the gift of life
He will pass on in the night
. Lies
I hope that I may be wrong
. God will relieve those with faith
. I will not give up on you
I'm bracing myself for the storm
- Storm! I will not yield -
- I know that you would pray -
- But no prayers will sound while that thing is still around -
I just can't take it all, this constant hate and fear
Like a snake the circles round and round and feasts upon itself
. I know that you two butt heads, but can't we let that rest?
. My son is dying here and still you can't put differences aside?!
. Will you consider my words?
I just want to be alone
. I
How can we deal with this shit?
. You've already danced with death
. We could go on in shifts
There's no sense dealing with him
. Trust
How can I trust in you people?
. It is your only choice
- Madness -
Can I be set free?
. No more
Now show yourself
- Selfish -
Picking on my brother's wife
. Stop now
His poor love
- Cold bitch -
Just leave her alone
. Please, now!
Everything's ending
- Snide jabs -
Leave the girl alone
. Michael!
It's good that my brother can't see
. Now
Watching the strength in her heart
. Tolerance comes to an end
. Now you can see why I left
Stories have come to life
. Yes
A glimpse into broken minds
. Everyone carries burden
. Don't let it fester in you
I know that it's my sacrifice

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