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Shounen Brave (Brave Boy) - text


"Leave me alone" I cried "and please quit teasing me!"
Shivering up and down, I couldn't do a thing

Why am I so afraid of being left behind?
Sometimes I think that "bravery" just doesn't like me

We were the same, a dog abandoned in the rain
Reaching a hand, I begged for him to know my pain

Holding him tight, I whispered shaking in the night
"You're different, right? You won't bully me and things will be alright"

"How 'bout you and me be friends?"
"But we'll never have to use any words"
"Although I've still got things to speak"

I just couldn't see the tragedy soon to be

I heard it loud and soon had come to find
These voices that had knocked at my mind

"Wow, they're really rotten!" "Cheat 'em and you leave 'em"
"You're the worst" "Just die, make my day!"

And all but me could scream inside
They just won't hear me, listen, or try

Not a word to swallow left me feeling hollow
If I can't talk, then I'll cry!

"Well this is what you get for holding on"
The haunting noise from lonely sung

And buried this in me because
"It's eye for eye"

Another day, the same they're cloudy minds will rain
Soaking me through, I start to break and melt away

Never to stop, I steal whatever's on their mind
So I'm the monster who they're not allowed to treat kind

Running away, I thought I could maybe escape
Standing in place would only make me suffocate

Dodging the daggers from their eyes and brushed aside
I flew away and out of their sight to where they couldn't find

Circling the woods, I know
Is crazy but there was nowhere to go home

And I was so afraid, you know
But so happy now because it's you I had found

I heard it loud "I wait to hear the sound"
"That soon will paint my world up and down"
"Someone, please I'm begging"
"Take me far away from the constant fear!"
"I'm so alone here!"

The "me" inside that sat and cried
Picked up himself and left it behind

"Scared of what they're thinking?"
"Maybe you can never be brave and change what's to come?"

But knocking on that door "I know what's true"
And sure the story's soft and new

I'll slowly turn that cover page and open up

Helplessly crying, she was sitting there
"Day after day, it never will end"
"I dream that this whole world will break
To pieces plenty but can't do a thing!"

"I'm scared" a feeling understood
"It hurts" a voice I know too well and should
Wouldn't it be nice if one day we could be saved like in a fairy tale?

I broke out words, knocked on your heart
This feeling's new, don't know where to start

We'll talk to each other like
"Hey, it doesn't matter! It's all alright"
"So please just don't cry!"

If "me" inside and I can laugh
Our hearts are one and are leaving the past

Maybe even now "my heart that's saving others"
is something closer to "brave"

And as I know I'm turning every page
And moving forward everyday

I'll hear the voices from beyond that old door never again

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