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Otsukimi Recital (Moon Viewing Recital) - text


"That's it! I'm done failing every time."
And holding back the tears you won't cry

"Hey but don't give up!" and empty words like that would
Never be enough to

"Try and look ahead, tomorrow is brighter, I know!
So smile in the daze and let go!"

Pulling you away
Though I maybe pulled a bit too hard

Matching the sky, blue you below
And now I'm kinda scared maybe you'll freeze that way

Your teary eyes blew me away
"I'm always shaking deep inside...I really can't, I've tried!"

Because it's you, I just know you'll make it through
Look ahead, do all you can do
If you've gone and you've given your all
Just know you're not alone, I'll be here for you

Throw away your "rather than stay..."
It won't do a thing for you and "Hey"

"Maybe I might tag along!"
Let's go and turn the page to break the lonely days

"It's been so long, don't what's going on.."
Again the tears you're trying to hold back

Sighing all the time and as you close your eyes
Then oh my god, this is bad!

"Well why not try even harder this time?
Soon all of this will go far away!"

Leading through the streets
Though I know I pulled you really hard

An orange sky, blue you below
The rays are giving way
But soon will go to sleep

You look away and down to your feet

I see the quiet billowing tears...falling to just fade away

Because it's mocking us, this painful small world
Stabbing holes with fangs, you crumble
"I just wanted to be by your side!"
It's like something in your heart curled up and it died

Even if you never hear these
Words and batted them all away, just know

That you can always rely

"I want to help you through! Oh please I beg of you!"

"It's you, I just know you'll get through"
Shout them out, the words you want to
"Sayings things like 'It's over, I can't'
Are silly! If you want, you will meet again!"

Breathe a gulp of air and take it in
To face the moon so far away
Shaking but standing your ground
"I guess it's worth a shot!"
And then I stopped
"He might be not as uncool as I thought"

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