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Konoha no Sekai Jijou (Konoha's State of The .. - text


Dreaming living thinking dying all stuffed into here
Made to last but surely not last for very long
So they put me back together in a body so I that could see

So we tell his story even if we start at the end
Crying crying just a tear will billow down from her face
"Will I see him again?" as she mutters a bit

Haribote is the city where another test is ending their
A hundred hours were just passing by and killing time then
Really now,
I think they've had enough I just don't see a real point to this
Then just a boy and girl were dreaming a blue-ish whirl
And leaping their cries until it hit those park trees

Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
His tiny body flying out into the street there
Right before her eyes so blinded by the heat and by tears she cried out
Trapping in cycles never ticking of the second hand
Blinding a world of ever sleeping pacifists so for now
Midsummer night dreams wont come to an end

Dreaming seeing thinking dying all stuffed in my head
Beating beating way too loud in this brain of mine
Don't you think this kind of world is just a little bit too bad for me

So we tell their story even if we start at the end
Trying trying just a heart that never will understand
Such sensitive words will never get through

Another note from the dying sun
Another glare in heated air
I don't know why but this town really seems to burn me up
along with them
I think they've had enough And even if I heard a cricket cry
With my now fading hand I reach out to pull them back
But their running far ahead it just won't make in time!

Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
That ticking second hand is stopping me from helping
Right before my eyes they died and helped to kill such a happy ending
Breaking me out into a scenery of falling leaves
Leaving behind a world so bent on keeping time but I know
It's all in your eyes

Laughing in the heat has disappeared and gone to elsewhere
And August 14th now is like any other day
When will "See you later" ever come? I hope they will be smiling on that day.
Fighting away at the fates in such a blinded small town
Pouring down a rain that no one ever thought to see now
And all of the time, and all In that time

Even if we could just go rewrite the future I know
It's all in those eyes

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