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A summer breeze comes knocking again
I open up just to let in the sun
And all I hear are those fleeting tweeting notes they carry away

A half read book I place to the side
"Hey little guy, where on earth are you from" with a smile
And with me blindfolded I still know that it's 3 after noon

I know how simple this world it seems
And yes I know, that it's me who is weird
But even I have to wonder why I cant just be like the rest

And far away and out of their sight,
there is a house in the forest of trees hid away
And can you bet there no one crazy enough to stop by

Don't look in their eyes!
A heart so cold became ice, I guess that I wasn't able to make a friend
And all I see everyday can never be much more than a thing
The world outside there is made from pictures in books
So please could you forgive me thinking such terrible things
Will someone please let me see with my own eyes?

Long long long since before I was born
It's always been an inside out world but there was burning
Life inside me
I knew it'd never it'd never go out

Hey hey, when will that knock ever come?
I just cant wait to see what kind of future is out there
I'll wait to hear the sound
Knocking a beautiful call at my door

Dreams about what life would be like
As I stare faraway in a daze
And just then, I could hear soft calling of a voice in the wind

I take a leap back and knock down my tea
And of course, it's all over the desk
"What can I do?"
As I stare at the door without a thing in the way

"Don't look in their eyes...or they'll be turned into stone."
My parents always had earnestly told me this
And surely my eyes were to be treated in just the same way

And just as stories go, the people will run far away
But I don't blame them being way too afraid
The world was just not to love someone like me

Knock Knock Knock and the sound is loud
Although I'd never heard a knock upon my door so
I was so scared
Oh god I need to think straight

Hey hey, hearing a knock at my door
I never thought that I would ever hear such beating
And just so easily
It opened to leave me exposed and alone

And then finding me cowering hiding eyes away
That person was of course to be surprised
"Don't look in my'll turn to stone"
I tried to speak but he just smiled back.

"I was just like you, I was scared of living life
so scared that I would turn completely stone
But living in a world where no one is ever scared,
now wouldn't that be nice?

Now now now, from a spark inside
I had imagined a new world for me to live in
Where they love me I feel it ringing out now

Hey hey, what does this world look like
I wanna know please tell me just how then can I get there
So if I'm ever lost
Hey will you search for me once again?

A summer breeze comes knocking again
Blowing the hood that you graciously gave
Let it blow as you finally see such a beautiful smile

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