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It was a day like any other day
There wasn't anything that ever tried to get in my way
Until I listened to pieces of radio show
And they were talking about a very touching depart

We are with heavy hearts bringing word of this news
It seems the end of the world will be arriving today
So said a "so-and-so" leader from land far away
Speaking a tone that barely covered the sound of a cry

Outside the window a murder of crows had appeared
And they were covering the sky up two by two
And conquering all the crescent moon
All flying so far away from here

Playing a half finished game with no save now
I leave a barely read textbook in the drawer
When do the shakes ever stop? With this I'm barely breathing
So put my headphones on instead

And I don't know, what was the name of this song?
The title always ends up being unknown
Just then a whispering in my ear becoming louder
"Hey do you wanna try and survive?"

I think I feel the whole around me shaking
I think I see the skyline above me falling down
Now I think that I must really wrong about hearing this voice
Since it had sounded just like me

"If you now run about twenty seconds that way
And over past a hill but I know that you'll understand this soon
And I swear that these words are never false or otherwise
So run up the hill right ahead"

At the center the people had all crowded
Although the crying and screaming had all mixed in
Whether a man or woman
Didn't really care since it is the end

Another shriek from the crowd It was a ten year old girl
He's all ready to pray An older priest
And all alone I will follow through orders
To go beyond that old hill ahead

With headphones gotta listen to get outta this
"And down to twelve" you've got no time to slow down
But at this rate everything will be gone in a flash
So I don't really have much of a choice

I couldn't take the sound of it any longer
The crying and the tears were just starting to form now
Doesn't matter why, but the song of people would
Never stop singing although now it was ending

"You better hurry, now that you have one minute."
But hearing now those words they didn't matter anymore
Cuz that faraway hill now, that would save my life
Was staring straight at me right in the face

As all the breath inside had begun to move out
Standing was a wall that was colored the shade of sky
And behind that wall stood a murder of scientists that said
"Oh how perfect!" with a standing ovation
I don't understand

And standing from above looking down on my town
It looked to be just like something out of a science test
"Guess we don't need this"
As threw in a bombshell and let the whole town
now just be gone in an instant

They told me I had lived my whole in a small box
I didn't even hear many words they were saying to me now
I could just stare blankly at the bitter remnants of a life
that never taught me much about the world
And the headphones still ringing in the slightest
"I'm so sorry" and held back cry

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