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Blindfold Code (Mekakushi Code) - text


A world eating up desire and hope is getting too fat to move or even to fly
You trip once and then you'll trip again just import to the head

A buzz eating through my pocket it knows another code it'll load into my ipod
My earphones that I tend to extend and then a hoodie to hide all the faces passing by
"I'm just fine!"
"And now the blindfold is set"
Not like I see much without this on
The stop lights are pouring into the street
And painting colors of red on bright red

Who knew that the day would ever come? Even though it still sounds like it's in low-fi
Yeah it's true that you'll just be replaced and you'll run by the days just to block it all out
"Calm down, look. You cannot see a thing."
And the beat'll then take you to a better place
Hey now it ain't really all that bad
Just try not to wear yourself out

Drown down vanity and keep it hid
Then make a right at the second gate before you
Don't let fear or worry make you afraid
And you'll smile all away in a way just to look up

Grooving right into a slower crowd
Although I'm leading too fast they barely notice
We walk to the beat of every step
They'll never see me go by cuz their eyes are hidden by
"It's alright!"

"Mission is not over yet"
"You're down to twenty"
Better not hold back.
My sneakers I need to tie 'em up good
"So we can finish this thing real cool!"

Fight the sun and if you're burning up, take a tour and jump into the high pass
Yeah this town it really burns me up, to the west, then the north, just to find you again
"Hey there girl, you're going overboard"
Laughed a blonde in my face with his dark heels on
Too bad cuz they'll never understand
How it feels to be hidden away

Oh hey if you ever wanted to join
There's always room for a newly added member
You don't need a thing cuz no one will care
You can wear what you like

You're naïve but seen to catch on quick
With just a password to join it's pretty easy
And, sure, you are just the same as me
A 2-D freak, antisocial, who likes to stay at home (NEET)
"That's alright!"

"I'm feeling better than fine"
The singing, ringing
Of alarms that sound
Neon lights They really shine out so bright
With no hood, I guess it's time for the show

Who knew that the day would ever come? Even though it still sounds like it's in low-fi
Yeah you see the world for what is time to move on ahead and you'll find a way out
"Now now, what is this I'm seeing clear?"
Rubbing out all the red and looking all around
Well I guess there was a lot to see
But I'll freeze from the cold in my heart

Just stand back and take it all in

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