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Underneath The Petal - text

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Underneath the petal I lay down
Call myself a shadow fall over a cloud
All of these things that pull you away
All of these things that make you change
I'll play you a song as sweet as can be
Those notes in the dark are for you and me
Another day has still hours that make me yours
Before the sky gets flooded, darkness falls
Why does this bad blood flow at the end
Surprises like oil and then sits on a bend
Makes me think you're standing in my light
It's hard feeling beaten when your heart's become silent
Underneath the petal it's all mine
That search for something more
Well it's already in the storm
We'll be all right now
We'll be all right now
We've got our own way
Oh we've got our own way
And it plays around, plays around, plays around
Like thunder on a clear day
Underneath the promise I fell down
You looked so much happier than you do right now
Those drowning eyes won't carry me
That stranger's way will make me leave
Underneath the petal it's all fun
Underneath the petal it's all mine
Come in and look around I'm going back
Crossing off what's in front of me
I'll stay here as the world come the shakes

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