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Fog (Black Windows) - text

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I'm driving north
Seen this road a thousand times
But today is different
It called out like a friend of mine
Comes up like a bird, brooding sadly
It's not unsure
It never has been
I pull to the side
Those black windows have been closed a while
(Have been closed a while)
Another chance for you
Another chance for you
Those eyes have set a track
Any trace of a smile was goin' back
But it's just a word
These sheets are haunted
Not by you
But by a moment
That's long gone
I see it better when you're not here
(When you're not here)
Another chance for you
Another chance for you
It coulda been another chance for me, too
But it leads me away to an endless fog
And it drops my eyes as I'm waking up
That a love like you will never come, again
I know the jury's come early
But, baby, the ending stopped hurting
Why can't I feel glad there's nothing wrong, here?
The shapes and the signs
But I'm in stillness
Oh, I've been a long
I've been a long
Long time away
And too many nights
You tell me the answer
Is it any worse?
Is it new?
Does it matter?
We've been here, before
And never facing each other
Maybe we're not alone
Maybe I've missed it, all along
There's still a change I wanna know
Maybe we're not alone
After all
(Another chance for you)
(Another chance for us)

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