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Don't Let Me Know - text


I had a feeling
The light was over
I wandered freely
From your memory
Please forgive me
A new beginning
It was wide and empty
Just like you told me
Don't let me know
Hen you are gone
When the day it comes
Don't let me know

Like the river a piece washed away
The breathing mountains
Swirled my body
It's hard to live right
Hard to die free
I stole a memory
But I kept it with me
Don't let me know
When you are gone
When this day is worn
Don't let me know

I walked behind you
My hands were heavy
I reached the ridge
Where you jumped to find me
We were diving through dreamless waters
I feel no history, this moment only
Don't let me know when you are gone
Just let me dream
Just let me dream

Now every empty word I said
Hangs here around my neck
Wondered if I could ever go on
Without you here inside the song
But the cruel wind that took the howl from you
Is alive in the sound I know
(It says) take these tears I'll be back one day
If you promise not to waste your stay
Forget what you knew before
Remember here, right now, forever
And don't let me go, just let me dream

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