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Blowing Fire - text


Been blowing fire
For much too long
Been wondering why
I got involved
I took a walk
In the dead of night
I wished it deep
But you were right
Now everyone is regret and love
A lot of them
Don't feel anything at all
It's coming to a head
Stop moving around

Been blowing fire for much too long
And getting nothing

Now, what gives in?
There's more of them
But they don't feel the nightly dread
A mother high
A face of questions
That wasted look, that's your reflection

Been blowing fire for much too long
And getting nothing

And now, it races back to me
I wanted you to know
(There's every chance for you to see)
Not every river overflows

All their cries, the same to you
And they're tired, the same as you
All the fears, the same as you
All their minds made up like you
Turning hot or cold
We left the same
Told myself it's me who's changed
Can I let it all pour inside, it took my walls
But it left my heart behind

Been blowing fire for much too long and getting nothing
How long 'til you catch on

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