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I See God In You - text


Lily Grace lives next door,
The ripe young age of ninety-four,
I see her in her garden everyday.
Still sings at the Sunday choir,
Reads up King James line by line,
And tells me "Son, Jesus is the way."

Her husband passed in '85,
But she still keeps their love alive.
Kisses his photograph every night,
Says "I'll see you soon."

Ooh... Lily Grace, I see God in you.

I met him right before a show,
His mom said, "This is Gabriel.
The doctors say he shouldn't be alive."
Some my call him special needs,
But Jesus calls him royalty,
Just look and you'll see heaven in his eyes.

He was quiet as the dawn,
'Til I started my first song.
He clapped his hands and danced all night long,
Like there was nothing wrong.

Ooh... Gabriel, I see God in you.

Are you weary, are you weak,
Filled with insecurities?
Believe me, you are not the only one.
I get scared to look inside myself,
I know that darkness oh so well,
I sometimes wonder if I'm too far gone.

But even in my doubts I'll choose,
To hold on to this truth.
That God is making broken things brand new,
Even me and you.

Ooh... I see God in you.
Ooh... yeah, I see God in you.
I see God in you... oh oh, I see God in you.
I see God in you... oh oh, I see God in you.

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