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The fading sun, the rising moon
Are fighting for the afternoon
The day gives in, gives up its light
The stars wake up, to keep the night

And as you glory fill the sky, I wonder
How could you
Consider me
So much more
Than all I see
Cause I am not
Have never been
Beautiful like this

My weary words, and broken lies
Are set beneath, your summer skies
What's worn and wrong, what's good and right
I laid before, my eyes tonight

But you make all things new
Jesus, you make all things new
I'm beautiful in you, oh, oh, oh

That's how you could
Consider me
So much more
Than all I see
Redemption mends
A brokenness
It heals our wounds
Removes our sins
Your purest love
Was humbly spent
To bow our hearts
And draw me in
Where I become
Whole again
I'm beautiful like this
I'm beautiful like this

What can wash away my sin
Nothing but your blood oh Jesus
Thank you, Thank you Jesus

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