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Heads above the water
But too close to the slaughter
Life on the run
No justice done

Time for hell and thunder
The mind can pull you under
Hauling you back
Into the black

Moving with the dark
will bring you pain inside the heart
And burn you deeper like an arrow made of sun

Rolling with the wheel
It makes you turn the way you feel
From to joy to cry
You've got to live and let fly - yeah

No sign of the morning coming
You were lost before the warning
Came here to shock
Children of rock
Don't need a new religion
The past is not forgiven - no
Inside the night
We've found the light

Living in the cold
Will freeze the chain around your soul
and leave you stranded on this desolation boulevard

Before we end up old
We dream of streets made of gold
And then we die
So I say live and let fly - yeah

I was born here to deliver
I'm pouring like a river
The strain is back
Coming down the track

Get on the roller-coaster
Your faces on the poster
No need to blush
Just feel the rush

Baby it's a sacrifice
But you will have to roll the dice
And pay the price for things you've never done

Life inside this old machine
Is blinding your forgotten dreams
They blind your soul and steal you from the starlight

The tower of the wall
Must rise again after the fall
And into the sky
Live and let fly - yeah

Got to live
Before you die
Live and let fly

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Bring Heavy Rock to the Land

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