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Insoluble Maze (Dreams in the Blindness) - text

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We gaze at the outline
See the stars in black and blue
While the unborn awaits the new
They have tried to ice me down
But I won't stop burning
I still let my firewind blow
You and I in a clouded sky
We try to see beyond the why
The rush of time pushing the mind
To look for signs and dreams in the blindness
No peace for the road in a game full of slyness
Born to burn my demon fire till it dies
When I say bye bye big lie
I'll go down with my flag held high
Like pain is a bleeder
We've been sliding down a blade
Countless numbers to the grave
What if God is a believer
But burning in the flames
And the devil owns every brain... yeah
In the corridors of hope, the hangman with a rope
Preparing his gallows with laughter
Ambitious like the wind, there's a wave blowing in
Another revolution and leader
Inside my sky the clouds that cry
Blocking the vision from my eyes
Insoluble maze for the human race
But still we chase and dream in the blindness
No rest for the soul in a world losing kindness
We are sailing on a sea of strain and darkness
No light to show the way
But I rock this ship of madness
As the crashing waves of death are passing by
Till the day I die going down with my flag held high
Is there an answer to this mystery
We came from far away but we lost the key...
How can it be
We wanna see...
Welcome to the new world order
Where everyone becomes the same
Soon there'll be no open borders
Only one culture shall remain
Every son and every daughter
Don't you know your hearts were sold
To the beast that made you a stalker
Of a life in material cold
And you dream in the blindness
We're losing kindness
Sinking slow in a deep black hole

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