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Fire to The Sun - text

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Here comes a storm of ice and fire
Hellborn demon with a strong desire
Heavens devil on this road to hell
A fallen angel in a wishing well
I'm everything and everything is me
I find myself in all I see
Hard to accept when wrong is right
Love and hate close like day and night
Built my ambition since I came to rock
I always had to be the master of the flock
Not sure I'm ever coming back
No time to waste so I attack
I'll be the fastest on the track
Cause I'm the leader of the pack
Turn up the flame until it's done
I'm coming so you better run
Shooting like a lazer gun
I set fire to the sun
She was a fast crate engine ready to go
He was a 460 big block overload
Yes, they had one thing in common deep in the soul
It was the hunger for love and rock 'n roll
Back alley creatures of the neon jungle
Wall street kings and queens losing numbers
One more down as the business crumbles
Still we roll the dice
The dark pressure on the brain is such a heavy load
World is a thermometer destined to explode
There'll be crying in the shame
A lot of trouble from the blame
It's the nature of the game
We learn to burn in the rain
All the songs I have sung
And every dream that I have spun
Till the end when all is done
I'll set fire to the sun... yeah
You better stay out of my way or I'll run you over
I'll be the stone that doesn't crack
I'm always ready to attack
Fastest train on the track
A leader wolf and his pack
You'll sing the songs that I have sung
And spin the wheels I have spun
Turn up the flame until it's done
And set fire to the sun
Ooh maybe we will never know
What comes after when we go
But there's one thing that I know
I'll set fire to the show
Some say I was a big mistake, I say I did it my own way
All you trolls of today, I set fire to your play
I set fire to the sun

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