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Devil You Can Drive - text


We need a devil we can drive
To control the beast inside
Demon machine gonna lift us high
Our ambition is pushing us to the sky
Gonna burn and fly

Material man with his greedy mind
Breeding thoughts of the darkest kind
Building memories of a life in crime
You know his heart is mine

Burning strong my firewar
I am warrior to the core
Like the howling wind I scream on
Born on soaring wings of dreams
I'm a glider through the schemes
Taken over by machines
But my spirit stays unbroken
Aahh... And my dragon heart flies free... Yeah
It's the fire in me

The world is a digital spider
Spinning its bridges to hell
Sold our souls to the decider
Losing hearts to the wishing well
How can we break the spell

Give us a lifetime to appreciate
Away from trouble we still navigate
Steady on the wheel don't let your mind break
You'll know which way to take

On this road of compromise
We must burn and sacrifice
Eyes of vision skies that dream on... yeah
After clouds have gathered round
Pouring rain on every frown
There's a rainbow to be found
And your blackened heart will open
People preach about the light
And what they believe is right
But your heart will talk to you, don't let it die

One more bullet from a soldier's hand
Expendable troops fighting for the land
Another victory for the general in command
Sons and daughters
Sacrificed for the masterplan...
Bleeding in the sand

Eat theblame and stay alive
Swallow evil to survive
We all need a devil we can drive
To speed from the pain inside

Without a safety rope
We are hanging by the hope
Still believing as we stride on... yeah
And when the wolves are at the door
But you cannot give them more
Keep your faith and fight the war
Let the truth be spoken
Holding strong my firewall
I am fortress till I fall
And I'll sing my songs for you until I die
... you'll hear my cry

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