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Wisdom - text


Oh wisdom
Can't come too early for a young man
With the whole world in his hands
Hey, wisdom
Can't come too fast for a boy
Who will not heed the warning
And it's too late to turn back
Oh, wisdom

When he sees he was defeated by
What he believed was only right
Was really just another lie
That's when he'll cry out for wisdom

Oh, yeah
Yeah, yeah, for wisdom

Hey, wisdom
Came too late for the old man
And now it's too late to wash
The blood from his hands
And I hear him cry wisdom

Oh, many times I heard him say
Any price you have to pay
Will be worth it all that fateful day
When yours is the life it saves

You'll be glad
You'll be so glad
You could waste it all

Wisdom, hey
Wisdom, hey
She's calling out in the street
Calling out for you
You'll need it, you'll need it
Got the cure for my foolish ways
I turned my back
I can't, I can't turn away, no
I can't turn away, no
I won't turn away
I can't look Lord and turn away
I've been losing sleep
I've been stealing
My life is on the line now, ooh

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