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You're a disease
I love the way you smile
Every breath that I breathe
Like I breath you into me
I can't escape
You are the drug I need
Hopelessly chained
And I cannot be released
I'm a prisoner here
Baby I don't want to leave
None of this is really real,
I know it's all make believe

But I don't want to know the truth,
I'd rather just believe the lie
Tell me this is who we are,
Even if it's just a lie
Don't tell me when the morning comes
You can keep the secret if you try,
If you ever loved me baby,
Then keep it for the rest of your life,
'Cause I don't want to know the truth

I take the stage
But I don't want to be there
When you pulling the strings
Make them dance, make them sing
So long with the show
Yeah we know how the story ends
The curtain goes up ooh
I took the stage and I'll pretend
That this ain't my life
And this ain't by heart
And you're not the one tearing it apart

Can we make a vow
We'll never confess
Could never get out
Be better if we let it rain

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