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If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You - text


If I ever had to say
good bye to you
Let the world come to an end
it wouldn't matter to me then
I wouldn't want to live
with just your memory
Deep inside myself
I never would be free
This life would hold no
happiness for me

I could never say hello
to someone new
If I looked into her eyes
I'd be ashamed and I
despise myself for trying
to recapture what was gone
Just an imitation dream
to wish upon
I'd only hurt her
and that kind of love
is wrong

If I ever had to say good bye to you
I can't imagine where I go
or what I'll do
There is no way I could face
the world alone
I'd be a puppy dog scared
and lost without a home

So please stay with me
until our time is through
Let me look into your heart
and know that we can
never part and I will
always try to make you
happy too
And the tears I shed
are for a love that's true

You make me laugh,
you make me cry
You make me want to live or die
Just let me look into
your heart
I know that we can never part
Then I'll never have to say
good bye to you

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidali Moonblade, barnajka

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