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The Angels Were Singing - text

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Talking to stone,
Listening to birds
With no more to say,
I kissed my fingers
And touched the red dirt
Wandering away
Through the moon-colored field
My heart was a weight
Of rage and sorrow
That longed to be healed
Then I started running
To feel more alive;
To wake up my senses
That slowly had died
And I wondered if angels
Were singing that night
Nothing's the same
The colors aren't bright
Since I kissed your face
And slowly whispered
My last goodbye
Thinking of Jesus
At Lazarus's side
That heavenly sadness,
The shadows of light
His eyes saw the city
Where all is made right
And I heard that angels
Were singing that night
The angels were singing
As we sat and cried
Each tear was a chorus;
A sacred reprise
And I finally was grieving
That long goodbye
And I heard the angels
…Singing that night

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