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You stand there, stutter, brains like butter
You dissed your father, sister, your mother
Times have tried too hard to your answer to give up instead of live up
To the stance of a man, understand that I'm a right hand
Five out of five will die, from crack and on my left the birth the same and the same birth (?)
The kid once did and now his death is echoed around the world for all to hear
So let's have a merry new year
Yo Grace, school 'em
They're lost now, taken over, crack attack
They're lost now, taken over, crack attack
There's a little boy who lives down the way
I heard he's crazy from crack in his brain
He's lost now, he's taken over, crack attack
Lost now, taken over, crack attack
Don't do it,cheap high,say no! (echoes)
Though I wonder who is to blame
All this epidemic is driving me insane, all of it
I see the kids dying in the streets
Whoever makes one, they're going lose his way
Lost know, taken over, crack attack
They're lost now, taken over, crack attack
Stuck in the middle, and don't know where to go
They've got so now, they're living for the blow
They get it babe, doing it for the thrill
It's so insane, such danger for a thrill
Lost now, they're taken over, crack attack
Don't do it, cheap high, break the tie
You can turn it over, you can take control
You want your mind, your body and soul
Don't you let crack put you in a hole
You've done without and you can do it now
Said crack attack, crack attack, crack attack
Don't do it, say no!, give it up
Lost now, lost now...lost now, taken over crack attack, crack attack
Taken over, crack attack, crack attack
Lost now...give it up, give it up, taken over

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